The Story of YueKan

We founded YueKan with a simple idea: to help foreign businesses import from China, even when they can’t come over during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were originally an interpreter platform with over 2,000 interpreters across China and that our main business is to introduce the right interpreter to the business owners, business representatives etc. when they visit factories, wholesale markets, manufacturers etc.

When the Corona Virus hit the world, it’s become less and less possible for foreigners to visit China for businesses.

And that’s when and why YueKan was founded.

Why YueKan?

We want to be the ears and eyes of your business in China and we believe we are more than qualied for that:

  • We are experienced in international trade for over 10 years;
  • We know everything from product sourcing to delivery to your door, efficiently and cost wisely;
  • We are productive;
  • We speak good English and there is no language barrier.

Try Working with Us

We believe the most important thing for international business is “Trust”. But it takes time and cooperation to build and enhance it. Thus, we appreciate any effort that contributes to our first cooperation, to lay the foundation of trust between us and to pursue a win-win future together.

About the founder: Leon Liang

Guangzhou interpreter translator tour guide

My name is Leon Liang and I’m the founder of YueKan.

Before YueKan, I was a freelance English-Chinese interpreter interpreting for clients who come to China for businesses.

Now, I’m trying to help more small and medium sized businesses to import from China with my experiences and knowledge about international trading.

I’m thankful for the trust my customers have shown me and I’m working hard to help more people.